The current turn around time for orders is 5-13 days. The minimum amount for AfterPay orders is $35


The move away from Etsy means we can reward our loyal customers! 

How to Earn

  1. Create a store account and earn 200 Petals (look for the button in the bottom right hand corner!)
  2. Place an order and earn 1 Petal for every $1 spent
  3. Celebrate a birthday and earn 200 Petals
  4. Share on Facebook and earn 50 Petals
  5. Share on Twitter and earn 50 Petals

So before you even place an order you can collect 300 Petals!

How to Spend

  • Exchange 250 Petals for $5 off
  • Exchange 500 Petals for $10 off
  • Exchange 1200 Petals for $25 off

How to Exchange

  1. Click on the pink "Rewards Program" button that is in the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click "See rewards you can earn" (toward the bottom, under the "Earn more Petals" button).
  4. A pink "Redeem" button will appear next to the reward you are eligible for.
  5. You will then get a special code to enter upon checkout.
  6. Happy days!