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Frequently Asked Questions

What size notebooks do you make? What do the sizes mean?

SEVEN sizes are available - Passport, Pocket, A6, Personal, B6, Regular, and Wide. 

Passport = 8.9x12.4cm / 3.5x4.88in
Pocket = 9x14cm / 3.5x5.5in
A6 = 10.5x14.8cm / 4.1x5.8in
Personal = 9.5x17.1cm / 3.75x6.7in
B6 = 12.5x17.6cm / 4.9x6.9in
Regular = 11x21cm / 4.33x8.25in
Wide = 13x21cm / 5.25x8.11in

What paper weights are available?

There are three different weights of paper that I use; these are for the inside of your notebook - the paper you write on.

Standard = 80gsm / ~20lb*
Medium = 110-125gsm / ~30lb*
Thick = 140gsm / ~36lb* 

*These conversions are approximates. Standard paper weights can differ between countries, so please use this as a guide:
20lb = 75gsm
24lb = 90gsm
28lb = 105gsm
32lb = 120gsm
36lb = 135gsm


What's a cover upgrade?

As standard, the notebooks are made with a brown kraft card cover. It's a sturdy cover and does the job well. However, I recognise that you may want something a bit fancier! A 'cover upgrade' replaces the kraft card with a cover of your choice. All you have to do is:

1. Add your notebook/s to your cart. 
2. Check out the “JUST ADDED > Covers" or “PATTERNED Cover Upgrade” section, or the PLAIN Cover Upgrade listing & find some covers that you like.
3. Would you like them to be laminated? Be sure to select that option before adding them to your cart.
4. If you’re ordering multiple books, please leave me a note to seller to let me know which cover you would like on each book. EG: 
“July-Dec 17: Oh Joy 2; Lined: Kokomo; Dot grid: Aruba”


Whats the difference between processing and postage times?

The processing time is how long I need to make your order. As at 29 September 2019, this is 5 to 13 days (including weekends and public holidays). 

Selecting "Priority Post" means I add a "Priority Post" stamp to your order. This means Australia Post will process it faster, and your postage time will be 1-4 business days after I post it. This does not mean that your order is jumped up the queue of orders I am making. Orders are made in the order that they come up in (e.g an order of 20 Sept is made before an order of 24 Sept).

Standard post is up to 6 business days. 

So, if you were to order on 24 September, your order would be lodged with Australia Post in 5 to 13 days, and depending on what postage method you choose, Australia Post will deliver it to you within 1 to 6 business days.