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Christine Murdoch

I thought this blog feature may be a good way to keep you up to date with the shop's goings on, especially seen as I've not been active on social media. 

Bottom line up front: The shop is still open, and I am still processing orders that come in. Thank you so much to those who find me and place an order! It is so appreciated. I anticipate I'll be more active on social media in mid-November!

I have a day job and right now I'm completing the last two subjects of my Masters degree. Health wise, 2020 hasn't been great. The hours and workload of my day job saw me reach burnout twice (including right now), but I am thankful for my amazing boss who is letting me work the hours of five days in four days. In the beginning, and again lately, that extra day off is not so productive. Up until last week when I caught a virus my overall health was improving and managing to get some pilates classes in. As soon as I get over this virus (not COVID thankfully!) I am looking forward to get back into that routine.

All of this means that most spare time I get is spent resting and I don't get as much time as I'd like to work on adding new products. It also means I haven't been advertising or promoting myself on social media. 

The good news is that my last three pieces of assessment are due between 16 October and 6 November! After then I'll re-assess my turnaround times and you should see me more active on social media platforms!

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