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2021 Notebooks

Christine Murdoch

The design of the 2021 notebooks is underway! I was hoping to release them by now, but unfortunately I haven't been well. I am now aiming for a mid-October release date for my initial release of my usual dated products. 

I published the Month on 2 Pages listing this morning, and you'll see that this time I'm offering two different styles. 'Style 1' has a cursive font with a floral element to the cover page, similar to last year. 'Style 2' has a sans serif font with no floral elements. 

The initial release of the other dated notebooks will be using 'Style 1', however if there is enough interest in 'Style 2' I will release this option as well!

Still to be finalised includes: 

  • Week on 2 Pages
  • Week to an Opening 
  • Day on a Page (one month per notebook)

... times by 8 size options! 

I really enjoy the design work but with so many variants it does take a lot of time! 

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